Determined Enthusiast Builds Corvette Kart in Only One Day

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Corvette kart craze is officially upon us as this totaled C5 transforms into an off-road project.

By now, you’re all very familiar with “Leroy Jenkins,” an insane Corvette “kart” built for shenanigans. Unsurprisingly, the idea of taking a beat up ‘Vette and stripping it down to a lightweight shell seems to be taking off. To the point where the guys at the YouTube channelĀ B is for Build decided to construct their own Corvette kart. Heck, they even named it Jenkins. There is a catch, however. They decided to do the entire job in one day.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just unbolt some body panels and call it a day? Well, that’s how things start out, anyway. The hood comes off first, followed by the bumper cover. But the latter proves difficult due to the front end damage, so taking the fenders off first makes it a bit easier. With that done, the front end strip job ends with the removal of the fender liners.

Corvette Kart

Doors were next on the list, and they come off pretty easy. Afterwards, it’s time to tackle the heavily damaged rear section of the Corvette. The trunk lid, convertible top cover and top, quarter panels, and rear bumper come off without too much trouble. But the tear down also reveals quite a bit of damage on the totaled Corvette. Additionally, removing the giant fiberglass rear tub seems to be a pain, requiring the use of a rather large pry bar.

So what’s the vision for this Corvette kart? Well, unlike Leroy, this one’s heading off-road. A suspension lift and 33-inch tires are in the works. Along with a roll cage, which is probably a good idea given the lack of a roof and doors. You can bet we’ll be following this crazy build closely. At least until the next Corvette kart comes along!

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