Detroiter Manages to Track Down Father’s ’73 ‘Vette

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I’m betting there’s no Corvette owner happier than Scott Bachmann right now. The 42-year-old just pulled off what I’m sure seemed like an impossible task when he first started tracking down an orange 1973 Stingray that his dad owned back in the ’70s.

Scott was driven to find the ‘Vette because of the special memories it had for him and his dad, who passed away in 1977 after suffering a stroke while working on the car.

If you look closely you can see a young Scott peeking out the window of his father’s ’73 Stingray in the photo above.

Having the car’s VIN number, Scott did a search online and managed to track down the owner who agreed to sell him the car.

“There’s 80,229 original miles, it has the original engine, original trans, and we’re trying to find out about the tires,” Scott told CBS News. He said he wound up paying a lot more for the Corvette than his dad paid for it, but it was worth every penny. Considering the car’s sentimental value, I’m sure it was. Here’s to many more memories in that Stingray in the years to come.

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