C7’s Digital Vs C6’s Analog: Which Gauge Cluster Is Better?

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digital vs analog

It’s an argument that has been around as long as the circuit board: which is the better choice for our world, analog or digital?

In this latest iteration of the argument, carl3989 posted about Corvette dash gauges. He much prefers the look and design of the C6 analog gauges over the modern LCD wizardry in the C7. He even goes so far as to ask if this just makes him an old fogey.

Well I’m not sure how you guys feel about it, but I think the C7 cluster is the best set of gauges to be fitted in a Corvette ever, and that is doubly true if you are an old fogey. You see, I love analog gauges, but the black gauges in the C6 are just too cluttered for my taste. Things get lost in the mix and it’s hard to pick out the info you want in a quick glance. That is especially true if you have poor eyesight, like many an old fogey. The big digital dash in the C7 though, you could see that thing from space. Plus you can change it and configure it so it shows exactly what you want. Headed to a track and want to keep an eye on your tach? Done. Cruising on a long road trip and want to make sure you aren’t speeding? Big digital speedometer to the rescue.

We already have three pages of discussion on the topic, but please jump in and let us know your thoughts. To keep things a bit more focused though, can we try to stay on the “C6 vs C7” wagon? There are some great digital dashes, and some terrible ones, same goes for analog, but let’s stay focused here, people.

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