DIY C5 Corvette Side Skirts Look Great, Cost Less Than Dinner for Two

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If you have a C5 and want to add some visual flair without destroying your wallet, take a look at this recent Corvette Forum thread. Member DrRaySomeDay just posted up a great tutorial that takes some vinyl siding from a hardware store and transforms it into a solid side skirt replica of the real deal. From 10 feet, you’d never know these were cheap knockoffs.

Best of all, you could do the whole project in a few hours. Just pick up some vinyl, make a few simple cuts, and then cover the whole thing in a bit of paint. You’re done. Total cost of parts is less than $35.

The thread details all the information you’ll need for this build, along with a look at the template and measurements to make your own. There are also a few smart tips about what kinds of paint to use to get the desired effect, etc. Hit the thread and take a look. You might just learn something.

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