Do You Engage in Any of These Car Habits?

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Habits are a portion of everyday life that make humans human. By instinct, most beings are creatures of repetition. Some habits are bad, like biting nails; some are weird and meaningless, like always filling your milk up to an exact line in your bowl so you have the perfect cereal-to-milk ratio; and some are good, like washing your face and flossing before you go to sleep.

With that in consideration, it’s only natural to develop habits in the places you spend most of your time, like your car. In the video below, Car Throttle has gathered 10 examples of things they do that don’t really make sense, but they just do them because it’s what they’re used to. Here are a few they start out with:

  1. Trying to nail your fuel payment target.
  2. Having the radio volume on even numbers.
  3. Wiggling the gear stick from side to side.

I admit I do one and three. Check out the rest below, then let us know what your car habits are!

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Via [Car Throttle]

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