Donaldson Blackwing Installation on a 2001 C5

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Here is the Donaldson Blackwing install for a 2001. I did not see anyone
go into detail on installing one so I thought I may as well post some pics
as I went. You all know what the stock cleaner looks like so I am
skipping that one. The first one is a picture of the complete unit as I
took it out of the car. Next is a shot of the end of the stock box
showing the crappy little hole for letting air in. What a JOKE! Next is
a shot showing the 5 connector plug and air hose removed and just sitting
there. The light is sitting on the throttle body. After that, I show how
the Blackwing comes next to the MAF. The piece on the Blackwing needs to
be removed and the larger coupler needs to go in its place for a 2001 like
the next shot. I zoomed in to show the larger coupler on the next one.
The next 2 show the grommets that you need to take out of the old unit and
install into the Blackwing. After those, I show the unit mounted in from
inside and out. I had a dirty car so no comments on the filth on the
hood!!!!! One other note is to make sure you keep the small right angle
hose adapter from the old unit and install it in the Blackwing so you can
connect the hose back. Once it is on, you will have fun! 😀

I may
install the cold air box in the future, and it really should be no problem
now seeing how easy it is to install and remove. As far as cleaning goes,
just undo a hose clamp or 2 and lift off the grommets and your ready to

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