Donate to Help Victims of Moore, OK Tornadoes

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Photo Credit: Scott Olson (GETTY)

We recently brought you the story of a Moore, OK man whose C5 Chevy Corvette Z06 was destroyed by the tornadoes that ripped through the community (along with his house, belongings, one of his neighbors, etc…). Apparently, there is now an online effort by the Corvette Community to help the man recoup some of his losses,even though his insurance will be cutting him a check for the value of the car (as will his homeowner’s insurance, we assume). The man has truly lost everything he owned, except his dog– an awful, unimaginable position to be in.


And while the loss of your automotive pride-and-joy is sad, we can’t help but think of the people who perished and those who lost loved ones. If you want to donate to help a man recoup the money he spent on mods, it’s obviously your prerogative. We’d ask that you consider giving to those who lost more than a shiny car, though. You can follow the links below:

American Red Cross

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Humane Society

Salvation Army

Thank you.

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