Don’t Buy Your Second-Hand Corvette in the Summer

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Wait until autumn to buy your second-hand Corvette

Autumn gives the opportunity to get the best deal on your next Corvette, according to our totally ‘scientific’ research*.

Chances are — if you’re an American at least —when someone says “sports car,” your brain immediately conjures visions of your favorite Corvette. The ‘Vette in our mind’s eye is always the one we first fell in love with, the gorgeously shaped, world-class C5 generation.

Now, when you think about the perfect time to drive a sports car, again your brain comes up with a visual, and it usually looks like whatever your part of the world looks like out the window right now (assuming you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, that is). Summer time is the right time. Summer time is the best time. Summer time is the only time.

A lot of people in the world think like you. There is a huge correlation between sports car purchases and weather. You don’t want to spend a bunch of hard-earned cash on a car that you can’t truly enjoy until the snow melts and the weather warms up. If you live in an area with changing weather like that, however, you might want to consider buying a Corvette in the fall to save a few dollars.

Generally, when sellers unload sports cars in the fall, they’re more desperate to get the car moved. Usually, you’ll hear sellers talking about holding on to their car until spring so they have a greater demand and can charge a higher price. If you think about it, it makes sense.

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In terms of supply versus demand, the fall is a “buyer’s market” while the spring is a “seller’s market”. CF Senior Member grampi50 even noticed that C5 prices are creeping up while the weather is nice. If you can swing it, hold out for a couple more months and you’ll be able to get a better car for the same money or even the car you want for less. Instead of buying a Corvette as a Labor Day gift to yourself, get yourself a Thanksgiving gift. You won’t regret it.


*Not scientific at all, hypothesis based entirely on anecdotal data.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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