Don’t Forget Dad: Corvette Forum’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!

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gift-guide-lead.jpgFather’s Day is June 17th, and if you’re like most guys, you haven’t even thought about it. But not to fear! We’ve assembled a great list of gifts for the Vette-loving Dad. From a battery charger to keep his toys ready to rock, to a ferocious supercharger, to a book that’ll make him love his favorite car even more, to a world-class driving experience he’ll talk about forever, we’ve got you covered. Check out our picks below!

All Corvettes are Red >>

Given its iconic place in America’s automotive history, a world without the Chevrolet Corvette might seem impossible. But if not for a die-hard group of the General’s engineers, the line might have died with the C4. This book tells the story of the birth of the C5, and it’s a must-read for any Corvette fan.

Superchargers From Lingenfelter >>

One thing about Corvettes? Stock, they’re underpowered. Kidding. But if your Dad is of the ?too much is not enough? variety, Lingenfelter’s online store featured the best supercharger offerings from Edelbrock and Magnuson, along with packages that?ll turn his Vette into an insane monster.

1:43 Scale Corvette C6 ZR1 #50 >>

Corvette Racing has been so successful during its seasons in American Le Mans that the team essentially killed the GT1 category?nobody else wanted to compete! This hyper-detailed replica of the ferocious ALMS Corvette will look great on his desk or on the shelf out in his man cave. Plus, toys rule.

MSTR Watches >>

A good watch is will last the test of time while being an enduring symbol of class and good taste. Meister’s watches are ruggedly constructed with stainless steel bezels and scratch resistant mineral crystal lenses, meaning they’re more likely to leave scuff marks than be scuffed up themselves.

Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger >>

The folks at Optima know batteries better than anyone else, and this charger shows it. An automotive-inspired gauge lets you see exactly where a battery is in the charging cycle, it can serve as a battery tender, and it has a USB port so Dad can charge his iPod when he’s out wrenching.

Corvette Garage Floor Decal >>

This Corvette decal is a great way to give the old man cave a finished look, without the hassle and error-prone process of stenciling and painting. Just clean area where it’s to be applied and in the time it takes to say ?Corvette Racing wins again,? you’ll have a killer image marking his ride’s territory.

Craven Speed’s Stuby Antenna >>

This affordable mod is a super easy way to spiff up the outside of Dad’s C5. Installation couldn’t be easier?just unscrew the old antenna and screw on the stubby. You probably won’t even need to open up the old tool box! This is a great way to hook Dad up with something he?ll see every day.

Mothers Wax Attack Polisher >>

If there’s one generalization you can make about Corvette owners, it’s that they’re all particular about keeping their rides spic and span. And this Wax Attack Polisher from Mothers? will insure that putting on a solid coat of wax won’t take all afternoon. Let Dad spend more time driving and less waxing!

Genicolor Touch-Up Pens >>

Cars are meant to driven, and when they’re driven, there are all kinds of ways the paint can get chipped. But when it does, Genicolor’s touch-up pens make fixing little nicks a snap. The site has a huge index of paint colors, and has instructions on where to find your if you’re unsure. Get him one for the glovebox.

Corvette Weather Station Wall Clock >>

While the appeal America’s sports car might be timeless, this classy clock is a perfect way to dress up Dad’s office or garage. In addition to the classic black-on-white good looks, there are also temperature and humidity gauges, but it won’t help him find out when new C7 spy shots will surface.

BrownLine Metal Works Digital Torque Wrench >>

You know the saying, ?tools make the man.? Actually, that’s shoes, but we digress. Every piece?from the microprocessor, to the forged head, to the soft-touch handle?of Brownline Metal Works? sweet digital torque wrench is built to last, and will insure every bolt Dad cranks down is on spec.

Bondurant High-Performance Driving School >>

If Dad is looking to wring more performance from his Vette, the best thing he can do is take driving classes?and Bondurant’s are legendary. The school is also the only place where he can get personal instruction from Corvette Racing champion Johnny O?Connell. Trust us, Dad will flip out.

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