Drag-Racing C6 Corvette Z06 Clocks More Than 220 MPH

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Carlyle Corvette takes no prisoners with more than 2,000 horsepower and some big, crooked numbers on its timeslips.

This maniacal Corvette C6 Z06 represents the best kind of Corvette from Carlyle. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake. It comes to the world as a serious drag-racing monster from Corvette Forum member Mark Carlyle, (aka “atomicfusion“) and Carlyle Racing of Ohio. Not only does it run way-deep into the 6s, the car also features LSX horsepower under the hood.

Carlyle C6 Z06 Runs 220 MPH Drag Racing

The engine churns out somewhere north of 2,000 horsepower from the 427 cubic-inch, twin-turbo V8. That makes for a potent car when combined with the Corvette’s sleek aero. If you poke around the web for just a second, you’ll find out that Carlyle has run in the 6.50s before. He has also knocked on the door of 4.00s in eighth-mile racing.

Thankfully, YouTuber BigKleib 34 captured Carlyle’s Z06 running hard at the 2017 Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway. He qualified third in the cut-throat Radial vs. Modified class with a best run of 6.676 seconds at 227.38 miles per hour.

If you think that seems like a huge trap speed, you’d be right. Nobody else in the class came close to matching that speed. Only one other car ran 220 mph past the scoreboards. Chalk that one up to the Z06’s smooth aerodynamic profile. And, you know, the 2,000 horsepower.

Unfortunately, the car gave up on him in the quarterfinals. Before it did, however, he put a pair of rotary-powered Mazdas on their trailers, though. In Round 1, Gabriela Nicole Acevedo watched the orange Vette outrun her Mazda RX-3. Carlyle followed that up by cutting an .071 reaction time on Ritchie Campos and then running away from Campos’ RX-8.

That’s a hell of a run from a Corvette and we won’t ever tire of seeing this C6 catapult down the drag strip.

Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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