[Drag Race] C6 Z06 vs. C7 Stingray

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Corvette Z06 vs C7 Corvette Stingray Street Race

Last year we showed you the 2014 C7 Corvette drag racing a lightly modded C6. You may recall the C7 gave a performance to be proud of. Now you’re about to see a modded C7 drag race a modded C6 Z06. Will the C6 in this race avenge the loss of the C6 in last year’s race?

According to the video description from High Tech Corvette, the Z06 has bolt-ons and the C7 is running a hotter set of heads and a cam. In total, the mods make the C7 a 10-second car.

This looks like anyone’s race to me. Make a wager with yourself as to who will win, and then hit the play button below to find out.

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