Brutal Drag Racing Corvette with a Big Shot of Nitrous (Video)

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This nitrous-boosted Corvette laughs in the face of modern computer-aided launch control.

Last year, this C6 Z06 Corvette was showing what modified heads, cams, intakes and a dash of nitrous oxide could do. It was running consistent low 10-second quarter miles. Since then, John Roberts Motor Works has rebuilt the bottom end and the owner put in some forged pistons.

Drag racing Corvette

Most importantly though, he’s topped it all off with a 250 shot of nitrous that’s delivered by a Nitrous Express direct port system.

Now the car is running consistent low nines with 870 horsepower. But there’s a kicker to this cars story. The transmission he’s using is a Tremec T-56, so the driver is still rowing his own gears.

His launches are nothing but crisp brutality. His reaction time and ability to shift gears are something most of us can only dream of.

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Seeing a C6 Z06 built by a driver that can extract its full potential is something special. The manual isn’t dead; it’s still letting everyone know what it’s capable of when in the right hands.

Ian Wright is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites. Check out his podcast Both Hand Drive.

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