Driftvette Giveaway! Whose Going to Win This Sweet Corvette?

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YouTuber Taylor Ray’s C5 Driftvette has been entertaining us since he bought it two years ago as a stop-gap car.

When Taylor Ray‘s turbocharged MX-5 blew up on him, he pulled out his 2001 C5 Corvette to see if it would drift. “Of course it does, duh!” is no doubt what you’re thinking, “It’s a lightweight, V8 powered, rear-wheel drive sports car!”. Kids have been going out and buying Japanese rear-wheel drive cars and then spending a ton of money getting them to make actual power, often unreliably, when they could just spend that money a little more wisely and only need to spend money on the other mods a proper drift car needs.

It’s a subject we explored recently, and since then more and more Corvettes have become drift missiles. Ray actually had to make his own angle kit to allow the wheels to turn in more at the front because nobody was making them commercially at the time. Since then, Ray has modified it smartly and with reliability in the back of his mind. In this video from his YouTube channel, he walks us through the car and explains his decisions to make it a solid daily driver as well.

The Taylor Ray Driftvette

Ray also explains he’s now giving it away via sweepstake entered by buying merchandise from his store because he wants it to go. It’s a practical decision to help further his YouTube channel, which has grown enough for him to quit his regular job to pursue full-time. It also means it should go to a fan of the Driftvette and a good home to boot. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of the Driftvette as it’s released into the wild. We also hope that Ray gets into another Corvette for his YouTube channel in the not too distant future.

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