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ron-fellows.jpgIf you’re interested in getting the most out of your high-performance Corvette, you need to be able to drive at a high-performance level. There are two Corvette driving schools that offer top of the line instruction and practice. These schools offer drivers the chance to advance their driving technique and get professional racing instruction. Also, you get to drive fast cars on a course that is specially designed for them. You can test the car as well as your own skills, have a little fun, or use it as a stepping stone to begin your career in racing. There are two main instruction programs to choose from.

Ron Fellows Driving School

Ron Fellows Driving School is one of the high performance Corvette driving schools with lots to offer. Ron Fellows is an experienced racer who is known for his wins on the track as well as his time on the road with Corvettes. In 2007, Chevrolet even introduced a special edition Corvette in his honor. The school was designed by Ron, and uses his knowledge in a way that gives student drivers a leap forward in their studies.

There are several programs to choose from; most are two or three day events. Whatever program you choose, the school makes it a point to offer a quality educational program, while making it exciting and adventure filled. Once you complete the car control exercises, you will drive some of the newest and fastest Corvettes available. Each car is equipped with two way radios so that you have access to instructors, even while you’re on the course. There are two tracks, each with over two miles of turns, straights, corners, and elevation changes.

Registering is easy. 2011 prices start at around $2,000. Ron Fellows Driving School is associated with Spring Mountain Resort and Country Club, so there are plenty of amenities for your family to enjoy while you’re “hard at work” out on the track.

Bondurant School

Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is a driving school developed by Bob Bondurant, a professional driving instructor. Bob has raced all types of cars, developed his technique, and finally built a driver training facility in Phoenix.

The Bondurant School is a 60 acre facility with a fleet of 200 cars, specially designed for training. You can choose from two types of Corvettes, the ZO6 and the Z51. There are four track layouts each with its own challenges, for beginners as well as professional drivers. They offer programs for drivers of all ages and all skill levels, many of which require the instructor to be in the car during training. Most of their courses take one or two days to complete, although they do offer 4 and 5 hour challenges and laps for those who just want a little taste of driving on the track. Those who complete certain courses may be eligible to race in the Championship Race Series.

Choosing a School

Choosing one of these Corvette driving schools is not easy. Both are quality schools with a quality driving program. Consider the location, program styles, and track layout to determine which one is best for you. Their pricing is competitive, but their techniques are different. Study the men behind the program, Ron Fellows and Bob Bondurant, and determine whose driving techniques you prefer. Either way, you won’t ever want to drive the speed limit again!

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