DriveAutoX Autocross Series Set to Kick-Off in April

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Autocross is about to get even more extreme — and fun — promises DriveAutoX, which kicks off this month with fresh take on auto events.  

The brand-new DriveAutoX series is set to begin rolling across select parts of the country in April and was created to bring a fresh perspective to autocross-style events. With classes for all years, makes, models, and modification levels, DriveAutoX promises legitimate driving competition and fun at each racing venue throughout the series.

The new event has already gotten the support of some of the auto industry’s top brands, including Forgeline Motorsports (right), which recently signed on as official sponsor of Optima Batteries‘ DriveAutoX series, which kicks off April 7 at Zmax Raceway in Concord, North Carolina.

The series will continue through the fall at various locations across the nation before ending its season in Texas, Oct. 13-14.

“DriveAutoX was created to serve as a good entry-level series that allows new drivers to learn the skill of autocrossing, and we’re glad to be involved because we’re big supporters of autocrossing and we want it to succeed and prosper in the future,” says Dave Schardt, President of Forgeline Motorsports.

No strangers to the autocross scene, Forgeline is also a sponsor of the Sports Car Club of America CAM Challenge, Goodguys Autocross, and the Midwest Muscle Car Challenge, happening in Indiana on May 18 and 19.


‘DriveAutoX was created as an entry-level series for new drivers to learn autocrossing, and we’re glad to be involved because we’re big supporters of autocrossing & want it to succeed & prosper in the future.’


“We are thrilled to partner with the Forgeline brand,” says DriveAutoX founder and competition director, Jimi Day. “Their commitment to quality, their passion for the grassroots racing enthusiast, and their love of family goes hand-in-hand with the DriveAutoX series.”

Over the years and in addition to Forgeline’s long-standing involvement in the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car series, the company has worked with DriveAutoX’s creator, FM3 Marketing, as well as other sponsors of the DriveAutoX series, including Optima Batteries, which established the series, and RideTech.

DriveAutoX Series Schedule

“We are driven to change the paradigm that is autocross,” promises the producers of DriveAutoX. “Optima’s DriveAutoX is a series of autocross lifestyle events that are as much about the social aspect as they are about the competition — we call it ‘AutoX.’ The DriveAutoX series will emphasize both the drivers and their social experience, while developing new and unique formats that will test driver skill and vehicle performance.”

Considering its well-known support and passion for motorsports and its rep for manufacturing superior wheels, Forgeline seems a good fit for the new autocross event. The Dayton, Ohio-based company’s wheels have become popular on the autocross circuit primarily because of their ability to withstand the heavier weights of the cars involved in this type of competition.

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