Dry Sump Corvettes Have Unfair Advantage

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Oiling Technology Is Far More Advanced Than Just the Oils Used. You Get Your Money’s Worth From a Dry Sump Oiling System.

It’s common to hear press releases speak of things like “carbon” this or that, or, in some instances, “dry sump.” For those of us who already know, dry sump Corvettes are generally just better. The reasons why are numerous, but explained well in the video above.

Oil is a critical part of any motor. Oiling can only be provided when system pressure is adequate. With modern cars able to produce over 1+ G-forces straight from the showroom, you’ll get oil starvation from a standard sump. And you’ll lose oil pressure quite quickly. Given the capabilities of modern cars, it only makes sense to address the issue of how oil is delivered to the engine. A wet sump will no longer do.

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In addition to the high-cornering g-forces, modern engines create much more heat. Coolant might be the first thing we think of in terms of keeping an engine cold. But oil plays a critical part as well. Dry sump system can not only have enough oil stored in a reservoir to prevent starvation, but often have cooling elements in place as well. All in, this means there’s a lower demand on the oiling system. So a car is free to play on a road course without consequence.

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