Dubai Fire and Rescue Team Drives Corvettes

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water hose C7

We never imagined that joining the fire and rescue team in Dubai would have a major perk for Corvette fans, but it certainly does.

Yup, apparently all those cool cars we’ve heard about police getting to drive in the United Arab Emirates aren’t just limited to high-revving patrol vehicles clearing the streets of crime. Even the Dubai UAE’s fire and rescue department gets some hot wheels, including a 2016 Stingray, which was just added to their list of service vehicles.

Even crazier, it isn’t the first Corvette to be added to the fleet. According to a GM Authority report, the Dubai UAE department already owned two C7s before adding this latest model. And they all feature sirens, as well as a water hose.

Why Corvettes you ask? Well, because navigating the Dubai streets during an emergency takes a special kind of car, of course. And when you rank as one of the richest countries in the world, you tend to deviate from the norm.

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Via [GM Authority]

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