Dune-Buggy Corvette Cranks Up the Thrill Factor

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Next time you’re looking for another adventure in your Corvette, you might want to give this one a shot.

Then again, maybe not, unless you’ve grown extremely tired of your baby. After all, I can’t imagine that stripping your ‘Vette down for some drifting on a sand dune really helps a vehicle’s overall performance down the road.

But hey, I imagine even some of the more conservative owners here at Corvette Forum might be up for a detour from the typical weekend cruise. If so, then you’ll certainly be inspired by this Dune TV1 clip featuring Dwayne of Alto, Michigan (as highlighted in a Jalopnik report.)

Dwayne has stripped his 1985 Corvette down almost to its bare bones in order to lessen the weight of the car for racing it in the sand. Crazy, right? Even crazier, the wild overhaul still hasn’t tainted the owner’s passion for some of the more traditional racing experiences that come with owning a Corvette. He says that he still take his car on, “road courses, drag strips, sand dunes, two-tracks… anywhere they’ll let me run it.”

Dwayne goes on to say that he eventually plans to strip the car down to nothing but a roll cage on the frame.

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Via [Jalopnik]

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