Dutch Man Engineers Full-Scale R/C Corvette

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RC Corvette

My guess is that most of you will still be pondering the “why” for this one long after watching the video below.

We’ve certainly spent some time discussing it among ourselves, trying to figure it out since stumbling on the clip in an Auto Evolution report. After all, turning a full-scale Corvette into a remote control toy is a bit unusual. And seeing it do a burnout in a parking lot makes the entire thing even wilder to comprehend.

The engineer and owner of the R/C C6 says the car, which houses its control unit in the glovebox, is the first of its kind. We have no way to confirm if that’s true, but it’s definitely the first we’ve heard of a full-scale remote control ‘Vette.

Apparently though, controlling the 3,240 pound car can be a little tricky. “I know it looks easy, but it’s pretty hard driving in a straight line,” says the builder.

Check out the three videos below of the R/C Corvette in action, and let us know what you think!

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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