Dying Man Donates Favorite Corvette to NCM

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In the end, a Corvette is far more than just a car.

When the National Corvette Museum first opened in 1994, it quickly became a concrete way of honoring one of the best sports cars of all time. All these years later, it still stands strong as a proud symbol for the Chevrolet brand, while preserving treasured history in the process.

Longtime Corvette fan Tom Meyers knew as much. He was drawn to the car ever since he was a kid. When he was finally able to afford his dream car, he snapped one up, and didn’t stop. Over a period of many years, Meyers owned and meticulously cared for over 20 Corvettes, while participating in car clubs and the like.

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Some years ago, Meyers heard about the option of donating cars to the NCM, to be preserved and cared for. It immediately struck a cord. In that moment, Tom decided that his favorite Corvette — a two-tone 1981 model — would be donated to the museum when he passed away.

Unfortunately, that moment came much too soon. Meyers was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. But during his fight with the disease, he loaded his prized car onto a trailer, and sent it off to its new forever-home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just miles from where it was originally produced.

Tom Meyers lost his battle with cancer in January, but managed to donate his Corvette just weeks before his passing. As the story goes, he had a tear in his eye as the trailer pulled away, knowing that the folks at the museum would be taking care of “his baby.”

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