eBay Find: ’56 C1 Raced by Zora Duntov?

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duntov.jpgThis ’56 C1 is far from pristine. There’s a custom hood, numerous cosmetic blemishes, and the fact that the original motor has been swapped out for a ’65 327 mill. But it’s the pedigree?or stated pedigree? which we find interesting. Along with all the standard info about vehicle’s condition, the seller claims that after it was restored in 1973, it was raced by no other than Zora Duntov?the “Father of the Corvette!” Duntov was an energizing force at the General, and he was also a famously good shoe, setting records on the beach at Daytona and at the formidable  Pikes Peak. But since there’s no mention of any paperwork substantiating the claim, we’re not sure how this could be proved… Though the man in the photo does resemble Mr. Duntov. Full text of the auction and more pics below.

What would it take for you to believe the seller’s tale? And how much do you think this baby will go for? Head over to the Forum and sound off! 

Corvette received its first major body redesign in  56.  The only
instrument to remain the same was the instrument panel.  This great new
design featured roll up windows, external door handles and locks,
exposed headlights, and the famous side cove.  This was also the first
year for two tone paint, seat belts, and factory hard tops.  The
corvette was the first car to offer “transistorized” AM radio, “dual
point” distributors and dual four barrel carbs as an option on the V-8

This high
performance Corvette turns heads everywhere you drive it!  It’s a zippy,
sweet ride – great for daily driving and for race/show events!  Has a
’65, 327 engine with 375 horse power.  Close ratio 4-speed
transmission.  Upon it’s restoration in ’73, Zora Duntov personally
raced this car!  Has about 20,000 miles on it since then.  This car
comes with both, the custom and original hoods, custom dual exhaust
and front disc brakes.  Also included is the hard top and soft top
(though soft top needs restoration).  Numerous minor scratches on body
and glass.  Overall, car in good shape. 

Please note that cars prior to 1980 do not have the standardized vin number.  To look up info on this car I recommend going to: 


Note: Older gentleman sitting in the car in our photos is Zora Duntov!

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