1980s Most Costly Period to Buy a Corvette

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Any story with a headline that reads, “The Corvette is Actually More Affordable Than It Was 30 Years Ago” is bound to turn a few heads around here.

That probably explains why we’ve spent so much time analyzing the article recently posted by Jalopnik. To make their point, they posted the interesting chart below, which explains exactly how the site came up with the idea.

The entire Jalopnik story is one of those must-reads. But the piece basically looks at the inflation-adjusted price for a ‘Vette every 10 years, starting in 1956 and going up to the 2016 model. Even more interesting, the report suggests that the most expensive 10-year mark for the ‘Vette was 1986, with an inflation-adjusted price of $58,486. That’s a jump of $26,080 from 1976, where the inflation-adjusted cost is listed at $32,406.

According to the Jalponik report, one of the major factors for the jump over that 10-year period was the addition of technologies like fuel injection, ABS brakes, and electronic sensors during the 1980s.


So, what do you think of Jalopnik‘s findings?

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