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[VIDEO] Europe-Bound 2014 Corvette Stingray Loaded onto a Jet Airliner

Many of us have reported seeing new Corvette Stingrays on a hauler going down the highway on their way to some lucky owners.

But here's something that might be a first: a 2014 Stingray aboard an airplane!

This beautiful Laguna Blue Corvette headed from Los Angeles to Europe was featured in a story this week on InsideSoCal.com about the way Lufthansa Cargo carries many items for its customers around the world.

If you need to drive your Stingray in France next week and just can’t wait on a ship, then Lufthansa Cargo is definitely one way to go.

The German-based company flies into Los Angeles International Airport three times a week. For a couple of hours, reporter Brian Sumers says, the tarmac is bustling, with crews simultaneously loading and unloading cargo, prompting the plane to either rise or fall.

It’s interesting to note that this MD-11 that flew non-stop from LAX to Lufthansa’s hub in Frankfurt, Germany is a little tricky to load. Every pallet loaded with items has to be in just the right spot or the plane might tip.

Europe-Bound 2014 Corvette Stingray Loaded onto a Jet Airliner Europe-Bound 2014 Corvette Stingray Loaded onto a Jet Airliner

While we may think the Stingray is very special cargo, to Lufthansa it was just a small part of the 76,000 pounds of cargo being carried overseas on this particular night.

In fact, the Corvette didn’t even have a cover on it, which would leave me a little nervous if it were mine. Maybe we’re just being a little paranoid, but nevertheless let’s hope there wasn’t any sudden turbulence on the flight that tossed the Stingray around.

Incidentally, all cargo is assigned a letter. The Stingray is so big that it takes up two slots – “I” and “DR.” Based on the rates we’ve seen lately just for a small package of photos, we can only guess what the cost was for sending this Stingray to Europe, definitely not pocket change.

Photo Credit: Brian Sumers


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