Ever See a Car Go 50,000 Miles Between Oil Changes?

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Neglecting to Take Care of Your Car Is a Foolish Move. Need Proof? Take a Look at These Cars That Have Gone Years Between Oil Changes.

You are all smart enough to know when to get an oil change. This isn’t a PSA, either, because that would be demeaning to our well-informed Corvette Forum members. Instead, I offer you these videos as a source of humor. Watch them because by the time you’re finished, you’ll wonder why basic car maintenance isn’t part of acquiring a driver’s license.

Hyundais aren’t able to make it 50,000 miles between oil changes. Some owners remain blissfully unaware of this, and either think they can make it that far, or flat-out just choose to ignore it. The video above showcases such an example. “It runs poorly.” That’s the diagnosis that the owner gave to the shop. Replacing the engine was the suggested fix.

New cars pose another problem to clueless owners. Shown in this second video, a Kia with 28,000 miles is finally getting its first oil change. It leaves you in disbelief that people can be so unaware about regular upkeep for a new automobile.

We’ve got a number of mechanics here on Corvette Forum, so if you have a high-mileage oil change story to tell, let us know!

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