10 Polarizing Talking Points You’ll See on Corvette Forum

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Uh oh. Corvette Forum member AdventurePoser might have just created an unstable world of forum thread Inception.

Last week, AdventurePoser started a thread about the talking points that are continually the hottest, most polarizing topics on Corvette Forum. So basically, he created a thread about threads. And now we’re writing a post on the forum’s blog about that thread about threads. This is getting too deep.

Here’s what OP had to say:

“There is no substitute for run flat tires.
Convertibles are better than coupes.
A8s are faster than manuals.
Driving a manual makes you a “real” driver
Guns are cool to carry around in your car.
The A8 tranny is worthless.
Black is the best color.
Washing your car.
Driving in the rain.
Daily driver v garage queen.

There. Did I hit every point that drives this forum?”

Once the thread got started, other people began to chime in, of course. Some honorable mentions include, “Grand Sport owners are just Z06 posers,” Zaino wax, wheel choices, cash vs. financing, and Z51: model or option?

What do you think? Does that sum it up? What are some other polarizing talking points? Will “what’s the hottest topic on Corvette Forum” become the hottest topic on Corvette Forum? We’ll have to wait and see.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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