C3 Corvette is the Best Corvette for Rallying

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C3 Corvette

For many, the C5 Corvette is the perfect everyday beater. Its LS engine will never go bad. It’s fairly comfortable. After you’ve thoroughly thrashed the car, parts to fix it are ludicrously cheap. And it’s the best way to go fast on a budget. However, we’re not so sure that it’s the best Corvette for the job.

The C5, as stated above, is a great performance bargain, however, it’s just not that good-looking. I know I’ll probably get hate for that, but it’s true, the C5 isn’t pretty. It’s also a one-trick pony. It does tarmac really well, but anything beyond that, it’s about as good as a boat on dry land. So if not the C5, then what’s the best Corvette to conquer any arena? The C3, no doubt.

It not only can work on a flat, level surface with pristine pavement, but because of its ride height, the C3 can handle grass, dirt, snow, and everything else you can throw at it. Just think about a rally-prepped C3 for a moment. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, for those who asked for it, here’s a Rallycross C3 Corvette in all its grass-sliding glory. Which proves, once and for all, the C3 is the best Corvette to absolutely thrash.

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