Excellence of C7 Z06 May Have Made C6 Z06 Quite the Steal

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c6 corvette z06

Isn’t it amazing how we crave the latest greatest? Like when the new iPhone comes out, the old one just becomes less, and we, as a society long for more. But does more mean better? Or is just newer?

Like what about the new C7 Corvette Z06? It’s obviously a fantastic car. But wasn’t the C6 Z06 fantastic too?

Well, Road & Track certainly thinks so. And they’re wondering if it might just be the “deal of the century.”

Heck, that LS7 V8 alone should be going for big bucks. That’s a darn fine engine. I haven’t checked, but isn’t that the same engine souping up that spaceship flying past Pluto right now?

I’ll have to get back to you on that stat, but here’s some legit ones for you, care of R&D:

“It’s the same engine that you can now find in the Camaro Z/28, but in the C6 Corvette it has about 600 less pounds to carry around. The Z06 is also easy to modify and is a perfect track day car. It’s a legend.”

And a bargain to boot.

But in case you need a bit more of a sales pitch, please allow The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah to take you for a ride up one of California’s best twisty roads, Big Tujunga. For TST’s latest “One Take” video, which you can see below, Matt takes the owner (and us!) along for a ride in a beautiful 2007 C6 Z06. What a deal!

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via [Road & TrackTheSmokingTire]

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