Lovecars Talks Corvette Z06 and Corvette Racing’s Road to Le Mans

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Have you ever fantasized of driving the German Autobahns on your way to the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Paul Woodman did just that in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 in the latest video from Lovecars.

In the video, Woodman explains the thrills and creature comforts of driving the Z06 while navigating the famed German highways from Frankfurt, Germany – Chevrolet’s European hometown – to Le Mans, France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Le Mans, one of the most prestigious competitions in all of motorsport, is also the oldest active endurance race, being held annually since 1923. In the event, teams battle to complete the most laps in the given 24 hours. Woodman is not alone either as he travels with a full Corvette entourage.

While on the Autobahns, we’re treated to a zero-fluff impression of what it is truly like to travel the famed motorways. Woodman also explains his marvel at German driving manners. Along the way, the caravan makes a few pit stops for fuel and food. During one of these stops, Woodman tells of how he learned more about the car from his travel mates and their trepidation to lump themselves with the “big boys”.

Once at Le Mans, we’re given an inside look at the pits of Le Mans, specifically, those of the Corvette Racing team. Beautiful, finely tuned machines and laser-focused crewmembers highlight the scene. Oliver Gavin, a Corvette Racing driver, details the uniqueness of Le Mans along with the pursuit of Corvette Racing’s ninth victory.

“Le Mans is so special because it’s a unique, unusual, and charismatic race. And it’s the biggest sportscar race in the world…”

Clips from the event detail race spectacles along with a behind-the-scenes look at team Corvette as they prep the cars, run through pit routines, and fly through corners throughout the race. Woodman also describes the events of the competition as team Corvette fights to land a coveted podium finish.

Following the race, Woodman wraps up by giving us his final thoughts on what he enjoyed about the Z06, how his perspective has changed towards Corvette, and the overall experience of the unforgettable journey.

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