Facebook Fridays: 1958 Corvette Leaves Us Speechless

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Every now and then you stumble on a photo that you’re almost reluctant to even write about, because it says so much all on its own.

This week’s Facebook Fridays photo, pulled from the official Corvette Facebook page, is one of those photos. However, considering that I’m essentially bound to say something about all the pics we post here, I’ll try my best to come up with a few appropriate words…

Classic, love it, striking, legendary, long live the ’58, incredible, star-struck, priceless, dreams are real, a picture IS worth a thousand words, simply breathtaking, would die to own one of these, unmistakable, very cool, amazing, can’t stop staring, sexy, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore, unforgettable, American icon, sick, phenomenal, bad-ass, wish it were mine, stunning, nothing like ‘em, sleek, collectible, still hot, outstanding, don’t like silver, huh…

How’s that?

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Via [Corvette Facebook]

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