Facebook Fridays: a Corvette Love Story

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valentines corvette

Well, there you have it — nothing says “I love you,” long after Valentine’s Day, like a bright red Corvette.

Oh sure, if you gave your significant-other roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates for that special day, they’d probably love you just the same. But if there ever was a testament to a Corvette fan’s enduring love, I think this week’s Facebook Fridays photo captures it far better than those flowers that typically wither away in days, and those chocolates which take even less time to disappear.

I would imagine that the photo — which was posted on NCM Insurance Agency’s FB page on the actual right day to be celebrating Valentine’s Day, February 14 — is also far more enticing for most here than eating chocolate and staring at roses.

Of course, a much better Valentine’s Day memory for any Corvette fan would be a red C7 wrapped in a bow. Maybe next year.

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