Facebook Fridays: Is There Anything You Can’t Do with a Corvette?

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This C6 owner seems to have a different idea of how one is to enjoy the American sports car.

There’s nothing like a long day at the sand dunes in your Z06.

Sounds like we’re joking, right? Well, who are we to say what one should do with their Corvette. After all, this is the American sports car for “everybody.” Not just  someone who spends most of their weekends on the golf green. Of course, we certainly recognize and love the fact that Corvettes are perfectly at home at the country club as well…

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But this week’s Facebook Fridays was pulled from All Things Racing, which speaks to something entirely different. Barreling a Corvette over sand dunes might seem a little odd to some at Corvette Forum. But as this photo seems to suggest, the idea makes perfect sense to somebody.

Didn’t know that some people revel in racing their Corvettes on sand dunes? As you might recall, we covered a ‘Vette roaring through mounds of the dusty stuff last year. Of course, that was a 1985 Corvette stripped down to its bones. The C6 pictured here seems to be in stock condition other than the sand covering the car.

In all honestly, we don’t actually know how this C6 wound up as a rolling sand dune. But the fact that the it’s being hauled on a flatbed leads us to believe it’s coming from a racing event.

Either way, it serves as a pretty good visual proof that there’s no limit to the boundaries of a Corvette.

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