Facebook Fridays: How the C7 Brings Out the Kid In all of Us

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This Facebook Friday is a tribute to the kid in all of us and the fact that you’re never too old to own toys, especially Corvette toys.

There’s just something about the car that tends to make most folks a little giddy. But when you put a little toy ‘Vette in front of big toy ‘Vette, then you’ve really got something to make you smile.

Like the photo above, which Steve C Terkanian posted to Facebook. The convertible white C7 positioned with a smaller scale model was first posted back in November, but the picture has resurfaced, likely because it really captures the passion for the Corvette that can be shared by young and old alike.

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One of my favorite comments about the photo came from Terkanian himself when he posted, “No payments on the little one.” Although from some of the other comments, it appears that Mr. Terkanian doesn’t really have a problem spending money on cars he really likes.

One thing’s for certain, he definitely picked a beauty here to grow old with for years and years down the road.

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