Facebook Fridays: C7 Corvette Z06 at Its Warrior Best

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Every Great Corvette Forum Facebook Fridays Photo Deserves a Great Narrative

There’s absolutely no way in the world you could post the link to this photo and not get a ton of response. Go ahead and give it a shot. See if it doesn’t invoke major likes.

Even if you aren’t into ‘Vettes, it’s hard to imagine that seeing this week’s Facebook Friday photo wouldn’t excite any car lover. In fact, after seeing this photo, most Prius owners would probably find themselves drooling at the idea of owning a high-powered sports car.

Just look at all that power and grace exuding from the warrior, draped in yellow battle gear, cutting through the wind, narrowly escaping the wrath of menacing evil, lurking in the clouds.

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Sorry, we got beside ourselves again and slid into some crazy world where our passion for Corvettes actually starts to veer into the fantasy realm. But great photos like this one (pulled from the official Corvette Facebook page) tend to lend themselves to a much deeper narrative than the usual run down of the Z06’s specs.

After all, the numbers on the 650-horsepower C7 are pretty much old news for just about everyone here at Corvette Forum. So, when we stumble on great photos of the stock model, it gives us another excuse to drool over the almighty Z06.

That said, don’t be surprised to see a lot more narratives like this one here in the future. Especially since we know there are so many great photos of the C7 Z06 still yet to be discovered. But when they surface, we’ll certainly try to find a way to plug ‘em here at Corvette Forum.

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