Facebook Fridays: Chevy Honors Prince With Classic Ad

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The tributes for music icon Prince just don’t get any better than this one created by Chevy.

It’s such a fitting salute to the legendary artist who created perhaps one of the most memorable contemporary tunes about the Corvette ever made.

Of course, one of the most interesting things about “Little Red Corvette” is that the song is believed to have been inspired by a pink Edsel Ford, as shared in a previous report here. But for more than 30 years, the tune (featured on Prince’s 1999 album) has come to symbolize the appeal of the American sports car.

The photo, shared on Corvette’s Facebook page, garnered more than 2.3k likes within the first three hours it was posted. And it’s sure to garner a few more thousand likes in the days to come.

The tribute is also part of a full page ad (as shown below), created by Chevy agency Commonwealth/McCann, that reportedly will appear in USA Today, Detroit News/Free Press, Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and The New York Times — according to Ad Age.


Well done, Chevy. Well done.

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