Facebook Fridays: Classic Question Prompts Interesting Comments

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This Facebook Fridays photo comes with one simple question: the woman or the Corvette?

Now, just to be clear, we didn’t come up with the question here at Corvette Forum. It was posted on Facebook by High Tech Corvette. But we sure did find some of the responses to the post to be pretty darn interesting. Here’s some of the best:

Dalton Rueff – “Corvette would cost less in the longrun.”

Stewart Wynn Faust – “The car. With that Corvette I can get all the girls I want.”

Jesse Veal – “The ‘Vette. [I] can trade the women every month with it.”

Drew Medford  – “If you have the car, you have the girl — let’s make that plural — you get the girls.”

Rich Macco Sr.  – “The car will always be there when you wake up.”

Corey Leete – “There are two seats for a reason.”

Joey Jacoby – “There’s a girl in this picture?”

Overall, the general consensus on the post was that most would opt for the Corvette first, which I’d imagine would be the same consensus here at Corvette Forum.

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