Facebook Fridays: A Corvette-Powered School Bus?

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Can’t imagine what the inspiration was for this one.

But anyone who drops a Corvette engine into a school bus that looks as gnarly as this kid-transporter-turned-hot-rod deserves a prime spot on Corvette Forum for Facebook Fridays.

Imagine being a kid waiting for the bus and seeing this thing roll up to take you to school?


The ‘Vette-powered school bus, which we stumbled upon in a National Corvette Museum FB post, was apparently on display at the recent Goodguys Rod & Custom Association car show in Nashville, along with a few other Corvettes.

We tried to do a little digging into the bus’s background, but unfortunately couldn’t find any more information on the vehicle. We did, however, learn that there are a lot more hot rod school buses rolling around. Although, none of the ones we found look quite as menacing as this one powered by a Corvette.

Then again, we might be little biased here at Corvette Forum.

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