Facebook Fridays: Custom C5 Corvette Nails “Unique”

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Facebook Fridays - Bobby Wright

Yup, Bobby Wright, your custom C5 Corvette certainly fits the criteria for “unique”, which is why we chose it as this week’s Facebook Fridays photo.

Mr. Wright posted these photos of his singular ‘Vette on Corvette Forum‘s Facebook page in response to a story we wrote titled the “7 Most Unique C6 Corvettes from Corvette Forum.” I guess Bobby feels his C5 is so unique, it can stand among its successive generation in a Facebook thread.


This thing is mind-blowing in a “can’t quite figure out what’s going on” kind of way. Right?

That said, I’m not exactly sure what kind of response it’ll garner here as a Facebook Friday feature, nor can I imagine what people actually think when they see it on the street.

It’s easy to surmise, however, that Mr. Wright’s Corvette elicits a response out of people; after all, that’s a hallmark of being unique.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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