Facebook Fridays: Don’t Let the Subtle Eyes Fool You

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The C7 Corvette is a monster, so much so that it even has eyes!

Don’t think there’s been a photo taken under the hood of a C7 as cool as this one.

It almost looks like she’s winking at you, or luring you in for a closer look, right before that V8 unleashes its wrath of power. In all actuality, we think the tagline for the photo, which we pulled from the official Corvette Facebook page, pretty much says it all when it comes to the C7’s 6.2-liter aluminum V8 engine: “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

True, right? Of course, that’s pretty much always been one of the beauties of the Corvette – especially since the debut of the C7 and the higher-performance variants that have come on the heels of the seventh-generation of the legendary sports car. In short, saying that while the Corvette might not be as outwardly brash and bold as some of those fancy exotics, the heart and soul of the ‘Vette, and it’s pure performance capabilities as the everyday person’s sports car, are what really make it special.

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You need look no further than some of the stories we’ve posted here over the past year, as verification of that fact.

Of course, depending on if you’re eyeing the 455-horsepower standard model or the supercharged 650-horsepower Z06, that wrath of power could pack an entirely different punch.

You know, come to think about it, with that one headlight peering out, another tagline for the photo could be: “There’s more than meets the eye.”

Hey, just a thought.

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