Facebook Fridays: Would You Drive This Corvette?

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Go ahead and fire away with those comments, ’cause I’d love to read your opinions on this week’s Facebook Fridays Corvette.

She’s pretty wild, right?

Honestly, I initially thought the design was computer generated when I first discovered the post on High Tech Corvette’s Facebook page. It wasn’t until I saw the photo below, of the Corvette on a trailer, though, that I realized it was real.

So far, the photos have gathered more than 13,000 likes since being posted on November 2, which I would say is pretty impressive, even given High Tech’s 1.2 million followers. But when they asked whether this ride deserves a yay or nay, the commenters so far have ranged from “nay, over the top…” to “yes indeed.”

Regardless of your opinion, there’s certainly no questioning the fact that this C6 is unique. Even during a week like this, when we’ve been caught up in some of the wild designs of SEMA, this one is still worthy of a Facebook Fridays post, if for no other reason than to probe its appeal.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

Via [High Tech Corvette]

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