Facebook Fridays: C7 Corvette Still Lookin’ Good

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C’mon, how can you look at a face like that and not think that the C7 Corvette is one of the hottest sports cars on the planet?

Of course, seeing her dressed in all black with that yellow trim around the wheels definitely accentuates the idea, which is probably why the photo has racked up 16K Likes, Loves, and Wows on Corvette’s official Facebook page. That’s definitely why it earned our prestigious Facebook Fridays photo this week.

Best comments about the car? Well, of the more than 100 posted so far, here are a few of our favorites, all reminding us of how popular the C7 continues to be, some three years after its introduction.

Tony Petrozza – “Love it best sports car ever Owned… Ferraris Porsches muscle cars included…”

Corinne Jeans – “Badness”


Sandra B Ferraris – “Love at first sight”

Cindy Tully – “Sweet”

Yup, that pretty much says it all.

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