Farrah Fawcett’s Foxy ‘Vette Finds New Home

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Looks like the George Barris designed Corvette once owned by Farrah Fawcett has found a new home.

I was looking around Facebook over the weekend and stumbled on the pic above from Lingenfelter Performance noting that the actress’s “Foxy ‘Vette” sold at Barrett Jackson for $49,000. I’d say that’s pretty good, given that wild green exterior paired with those matching wheels, which is a bit extreme for most people’s taste in Corvettes.


Then again, I guess we are talking about the ’70s here, as you can definitely see in this pic of the interior car. Yeah, that’s a rotary dial phone ensconced in all that shag carpeting.

As we noted in a past post, the history of this Corvette has a storied past as a celebrity vehicle. It was customized for the Charlie’s Angels actress by legendary designer Barris. At one point there was an asking price of $1.2 million for the car on eBay. But it’s now clear the seller might have been a little off on that estimate.

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