Facebook Fridays: Father and Son Take in the Corvette Z06 Delivery Experience

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Facebook Friday

There’s probably no better way to experience watching your 2015 Z06 being built at the Bowling Green plant than taking it in with your son, which is why Keith Chapman’s photo has earned this week’s Facebook Fridays spot.

Shared on the official Corvette Forum Facebook page here, Chapman provides a pretty exhilarating account of the 10-hour build in the comments section of the post. Honestly, such inspired words will probably have a few more people opting for the National Corvette Museum’s delivery program.

“The Beast was born Saturday morning, March 21st at about 7:40 am EST! The owners tour was awesome!,” posted Chapman. “My son Steven and I walked beside my car through the entire build process! It took about 10 hours to build it. Our tour guide’s name was Nathan and he was just outstanding! This was such an overwhelming experience and it was so much more than we expected! The line workers were all so friendly and many took the time to walk over and shake our hands and thank us for being a customer! WOW! With all the cars we saw, everybody we encountered made us feel like we were the only customer. It was just an OUTSTANDING experience!”

Now, that seems well worth the extra cash if you ask me. And definitely worth a Facebook Fridays nod.

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