This Grand Sport Photo Is Much Deeper Than It Appears

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Facebook Fridays: 200 MPH While Sitting Still

Ah, the beauty of a high-performance wheel and tire and setup — especially when the combo comes together so perfectly, like it does on the new Corvette Grand Sport.

Sure, we could spend this time talking about the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP summer-only tires and Brembo 15.5″/15.3″ carbon-ceramic brake rotors, which certainly are noteworthy. But when you sit back and reflect on this photo, pulled from Corvette’s official Facebook page, there are some deeper things that come to mind.

One is that the car seems to scream, “Please, oh pretty please, take me for one more run around the racetrack!” And then there’s the way the red brake calipers align with the red striping, and how they stream into the wheel arch soaked in that iconic Admiral Blue paint scheme. It only takes one fender on this car for you to appreciate its speed capability, even while it sits still.

If you need a reminder that the C7 is the best Corvette yet, take a few minutes to admire the complimentary lines on the Grand Sport’s front corners. While the fender hashes are a Grand Sport design staple, they’ve never been done this well on any previous GS.

But the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport would not be the car it is today without all the Grand Sports models that came before it. Regardless of how the C7 Grand Sport’s fender-hash game is more on point than ever, the idea that rings through loudest in this photo is that a Grand Sports of any era is a truly badass, American machine.

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