Facebook Fridays: Here’s a Corvette Mod You Don’t See Very Often

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Typically, I wouldn’t be so much into this C3 Corvette.

Namely, for one reason: the all blacked-out matte treatment kind of takes away from the Corvette’s classic appeal. But in this case, I think the owner, Christopher James, might be onto something — in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max kind of way.


In short, I guess that’s admission that I actually like what James has done to this C3. That’s why I’ve picked the ’79 ‘Vette, named “Tara,” as our Facebook Fridays post of the week. For anyone who might be interested in learning more about the car, Mr. James had done great job of documenting the project on his Facebook page.


Now, I’m sure there will be a few Corvette purists here that might not agree with the approach the owner has taken with the car. But there’s no denying that it’s hard to ignore.

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