Facebook Fridays: Here’s a Winning Rear Shot

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High Tech Corvette

There really has never been a dull side to the design of the Corvette. From just about any angle you approach the car, there’s always been something very distinctive and unique about its presence.

But when it comes to a ‘Vette’s most aggressive sides, the rear has always ranked as one of my favorites. That’s why I take special interest in this week’s Facebook Fridays photo.

The pic, posted by High Tech Corvette, received the most likes out of four photos of Corvette backsides that were shared on the site’s Facebook page along with this question: “Which one has the nicest rear end?” So far, the rear end shot of this sinister tricked-out C6 has received over 600 likes, 100 more likes than the closet contender among the other three photos shared.

The winning shot also makes a pretty strong statement about the appeal of those round taillights on the Corvette, which continues to be a subject of debate here at Corvette Forum when it comes to the C7.

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