Facebook Fridays: Which Corvette Would You Pick?

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Facebook Friday photos don’t get much more iconic than this one, my friends.

The pic, pulled from High Tech Corvette’s Facebook page, is apparently from a Car and Driver report and features a legendary big block ‘67 cruising with a new Z06.

I can almost hear those bad boys rumbling down the street, just looking at this photo. And if you know anything about Michigan, you’ve probably already figured out that the picture was taken downtown, in the heart of Detroit, which makes it that much more iconic for American sports car fans.

This Corvette photo is definitely poster material, if you ask me.

Although I have to admit, seeing both those beauties together makes it little tougher for me to decide if I’d take the classic big block or the new Z06, if I had the option. Of course, in my dream collection, I’d own ‘em both.

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