Facebook Fridays: Is This C7 Corvette Photo to Good for a Title?

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I’ve been racking my brain all morning trying to come up with a title for this week’s Facebook Fridays photo.

The photo above was recently shared on High Tech Corvette’s Facebook page, but just saying that it’s “nice” or “cool” doesn’t quite do it justice. I’m looking for something a little more dramatic that captures how this C7 looks like it’s just been released in the wild urban terrain, and is now looking for a new open road to conquer.

“Long Road Home” might do it. Or maybe something like “All Eyes Ahead.” Nope, those both feel wrong.

And since no one has really commented on the photo yet, I can’t even turn to user feedback to find an angle.

Then again, maybe the title lies in that train as a symbol of the kind of power packed into the Corvette, which seems fitting. But that opens the photo up to a whole lot of ideas that would take more than a day to narrow down.

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via [High Tech Corvette’s Facebook Page]

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