Facebook Fridays: Like Father, Like Daughter, Too

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Facebook Friday

It seems last week’s Facebook Fridays post sparked some friendly backlash within the Corvette Forum servers. A few folks made it clear boys aren’t the only ones who benefit from good Corvette parenting skills.

Let me be the first to issue a formal apology to all future female Corvette owners. Last week’s post shows a Corvette owner’s son trying to secure his toy-modeled ‘Vette on a flatbed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fully reflect how widespread the passion for Corvettes runs for kids.

Hopefully, this week’s Facebook Friday, which comes courtesy of Oscar Cherokee Perez, clears up that misconception. While we haven’t been able to confirm the connection between the C7 owner and the future Corvette owner pictured, the post certainly makes the point that the passion for the cars isn’t limited to the sons of Corvette owners.

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