Facebook Fridays: Clearly the Corvette Z07 Performance Package Fits the Bill

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As a longtime Corvette fan, I admit my opinion on this matter is fairly biased, which I’m sure is the case with most here at Corvette Forum.

Still, it’s beyond me how anyone — fan or not — could take one look at this week’s Facebook Fridays photo and not be totally turned on by the look of the C7.

The pic, pulled from Chevrolet’s official Corvette FB page, was specifically posted to highlight the transparent wicker bill on the Z07 Performance Package, which delivers the most downforce of any production car that GM has ever tested, according to General Motors.

But it’s also a vivid reminder of all the great design elements that make the C7 one of the most striking cars on the road in any segment. That’s quite a perk for a car that’s earned the kind of performance accolades the seventh-gen Corvette has, from both fans and critics alike.

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