Facebook Fridays: Not One, Not Two, but Three C7 Corvettes

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What beats having a C7 Corvette in the driveway? Well, having three in the driveway, of course, as highlighted in this week’s Facebook Fridays photo.

The pic, shared by Beckie Royster, showcases C7s owned by a dad, mom, and son, neatly lined behind one another. And don’t bother asking, I’ve already checked and it seems they’ve reached their quota for those wanting to become adopted family members.

One of the best requests, however, comes from a comment on the post by Roger Moreno, who writes, “Can I come work as your butler? You can call me Alfred and I’ll speak in my best British accent. You won’t even have to pay me, just let me take these puppies to the gas station every now and then and we’ll call it even.”

Sounds like a good plan to me, Roger. And please, if it pans out, let me know if you need an assistant.

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